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Trancoso was founded at the beginning of Portuguese colonization in 1586 by the Jesuits as an indigenous village for the catechization of the Indians. A few years ago, it went from being the rustic and isolated village discovered by the hippes in the 70s to becoming a funky tourist destination.

The Quadrado, the wide square in the center of the village, framed by colorful houses and the little church in the background, is the heart of Trancoso. The centenary trees, jackfruit, almond and jacaranda trees frame and give a very special atmosphere. In the simple and colorful houses, today they have been transformed into good restaurants and sophisticated shops. Behind the church, a chilling viewpoint, a contemplative landscape with panoramic views of the beaches.

There are kilometers of beaches intersected by rivers and mangroves, one of the richest and most productive ecosystems on earth. The beaches of Trancoso provide moments of true delight, with green and warm water, they are an invitation for a swim, a good walk or simply to lie in the sun in the shade of the trees or in the comfort of one of the hammocks in the tents.

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