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Praia do Espelho and Curuípe

Elected one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Be sure to visit at low tide, when it is possible to swim in the natural pools formed by the reefs and even see turtles. Each day the tide goes out at a different time. Before going, check the tide table at reception.



To reach the village it is necessary to cross by canoe, cars do not enter and the electric light arrived a few years ago. Simple and charming Caraíva still preserves its essence. Spending the day in Barra between the river and the sea is a delight.


ATV Tours

How big is your adventure? Walks along trails towards the beaches of Itaquena or Espelho, passing through bridges, rivers, incredible ascents and descents, lasting from 3 to 6 hours.


Boat trips to Espelho and Caraíva beach

This tour allows you to enjoy the most beautiful beaches and natural beauties from the sea. Boat ride Focker 240 24 feet.


Walk to Rio da Barra

About an hours walk from the Pousada – 3.5 kilometers to the north. The beach at Rio da Barra is not to be missed, on the left side, reddish cliffs; on the right, the mouth of the river, which forms natural pools according to the variation of the tide.



Os passeios de caiaque são uma experiência de contemplação e conexão com a natureza.
O percurso do passeio no Rio Trancoso passa por manguezal preservado e a sua chegada é no mar.



Passeios nas praias de Trancoso e também há a opção de cavalgada ecológica passando pelo famoso Vale dos Búfalos, onde ha um mirante de beleza e imensidão. 



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